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Cyber Skills Live is best enjoyed with others. Bring your class along to one of our events, and participate with hundreds of other pupils from across the world.

Join the worlds biggest bank heist, add a data selfie to our gallery, compare the solar energy potential at your school with others, or race to defend a network.

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No previous knowledge required, our lessons are suitable for all learners.

All of our online lessons are streamed on YouTube, and last for 50 minutes.

Registration required.

UK timezone.

Numbers in the fast lane

10:00, 25 Sepember | Maths Week Scotland

From pit stops to data plots, let’s discover the mathematics behind winning a Formula 1 Championship.


Unbelievably Talented

14:00, 08 October

Can you tell the difference between something created by a talented human, and something made using AI?

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How to rob a bank

10:00, 13 December | CS Ed Week

To stop a cyber criminal, it helps to think like one. Step into the shoes of a cyber criminal and learn to rob Strathclyde Bank.

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