Data Skills Live Defend The Rhino was created by Digital Skills Education and A Big Egg
as part of Data Education in Schools

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Live Lesson presented by Craig Steele and David Hewitson
with Bonko Khoza

Live Lesson Technical Crew: Daniel Devine, Kieran Waugh

Video Production and Trailer: Guy Phenix

App Tester: Rory Edwards

Motion Graphics: Jim Lang

Junior Web Developer: Georgio Rahal

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Image of Postcode Meerkat security posts from Peace Parks Foundation

Gifs from Giphy

Anti Poaching image from Bumihillsfoundation  CC BY-SA

Image of Kruger park from ResearchGate CC BY 4.0

Camera trap images from Snapshot Kruger

Stock images from Getty Images and Unsplash images

Illustrative image from Google Teachable Machine

Helicopter footage from BeingMarkRobinson (YouTube)

B-roll video footage from IBM

“Haven” Rap/Trap Instrumental by Apex The Original

Images of poachers are posed by models

special thanks to Bradley Schroder

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This work is an educational resource. It is produced for the sole purpose of illustration and instruction.

We make every effort to ensure that content does not infringe any intellectual property rights. If you believe that any intellectual property rights have been infringed please contact us.

No rhinos were harmed in the making of this app.


Data Skills Live How To Spot A Data Breach was created by Digital Skills Education and A Big Egg

Video Production: Guy Phenix

Mailbox design by nannen05

App Tester: Rory Edwards

Sound design by Jim Lang

Tobermory footage by Debby Thorne @wildfreckle


Cyber Skills Live: Defend Stirling Castle was created by Digital Skills Education and A Big Egg

Video Production by Guy Phenix

Sound design by Jim Lang

Imagary of Stirling Castle from Historic Environment Scotland / SCRAN

Modern office building image, 110 Queen Street, used with permission from Amos Beech

Food vector created by stephanie2212/Freepik

App Testing: Rory Edwards, Young Scot HES Youth Forum

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