How to steal a pizza

How to steal a pizza

Pen Testing  /  30 mins  /  ✦

Hunt for security issues on a pizza company’s website

Play How to steal a pizza
  • Over 72,000 plays
  • Keyboard required
  • Cyber defence
  • Penetration testing
  • Exploit testing

Activity overview

Play the role of a cyber security consultant and help a business test their website’s security.

Your client is Auld Lang Slice, a pizza restaurant in Prestwick. They’re about to launch a new website and they’ve asked you to perform a penetration test to spot security issues.

How many security vulnerabilities can you uncover?

Can you find a way to order a pizza for free??

Let’s put your skills to the test and see what you’ve got!

Nowadays, many shops and companies rely on technology to run their business. From taking customer orders online, to emailing suppliers, to trading with other businesses. We need more cyber security specialists to help defend against cyber criminals.

Auld Lang Slice is a fictional company, so you’re not actually breaking anything – but it’ll give you an insight into how a business can protect themselves from cyber attacks.

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